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Tuesday, January 09, 2007
Reflecting and Moving On
Life happens fast. New lives have come into the world and we've lost a few good men and women. Some of the same old names are up to the same old tricks with a new wrapper.

Many look forward to what will be a fresh start. The new year brings out the Nostradamus in many of us. We predict what will change, what will be, and what will die. We resolve to lose weight, quit smoking, exercise, eat less, save more, spend more time with family, spend less time at work, less time hypnotized by screens, love more, hate less. Then we relapse. Our will quickly dissolves and we fall back into old habits, bitterly disappointed that we failed our own high standards.

Resolutions are nearly impossible to keep. I've always joked that if I can't win, I don't want to play. This is why I don't make resolutions. Like adopting healthier eating habits in place of latching on to the newest dieting fad, if there isn't a daily commitment to change, we are destined to fail. Our sweet tooth will always get the better of us. I know I'll screw up. I know I'll fall back into old patterns. I also know that change is a process, not something to scratch off a list.

Now if we can just pass this along to others.


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