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Thursday, April 09, 2009
In A World Without The News...
I can hear that voice now. Which is why I chose that title. We're talking print here, people. Newsprint. Getting lost in a paper. Not network news, not celebrity trash shows, not talk radio, not satirical spin as fun as those are. Real news. This made it onto a couple blogs I follow over the last few days as we have been witnessing the death of the Press in state after state. Sure, we can make the case that some papers are biased one way or the other. Still, the reader stumbles across stories that would otherwise not see the light of day if browsing a website or watching TV. Or unless one had a really good friend who dug up international stories from unusual sources -- apart from The Drudge Report.

The Rutherford Institute has an excellent commentary, calling out to bring back localism to government which is what local papers were established to do. Currently, only national news gets attention and citizens neglect to see how they can be of use in their own communities, resulting in political isolation and apathy. Not to fluff my own pillow here, but every editorial letter I've sent in to our local paper was published. One was featured on the first facing page of our free weekly. Try keeping that record up in the New York Times. Fantastic... now I've jinxed myself...

In The Daily Heller's A Note To Our Readers, Steven Heller points a spotlight on the gorgeous redesign of the International Herald Tribune. The commentary from the progressive designers, however, steal the limelight -- voicing their preference for tactile paper.

So go out and support your local paper. The writing is excellent, the layout takes time (and a lot of thought goes into it), and the paper is recycled. And can be recycled. Get lost in the quest for a good story. Buy a Sunday edition for the coupons even. I won't tell.

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posted by Sara @ 11:23 AM  
  • At 10:20 PM, Blogger Beloved Spear said…

    I live and breathe for the paper. As the son of a newsman, this is perhaps inescapable. But there's something about the medium that I will deeply, deeply miss. It's almost as important to my morning as coffee.


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