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Friday, September 08, 2006
Human Rights Violations
Ok, so I lied. We'll be taking a brief sabbatical from the previously mentioned topic of church and marketing -- and this is everywhere, so feel free to research -- and move our focus on China.

Now, I grew up with a mixed heritage: an American with Finnish grandparents who met in China, spoke Manderin along with several other languages, and raised their children in Taiwan before moving to the States in the 60s... Confused? Anyway, I learned about the finer points of tea, to always share take-out, and mastered chopsticks. My grandparents were missionaries in China before the communist revolution and forced them out. There are stories I have yet to hear of my grandmother jumping onto a moving train, afraid for her life, because she had a heart for the Chinese people and wanted to tell them of God and Jesus. But I digress. Anyhow, China has always held a piece of my heart and hearing of the atrocities that are [still] committed over there makes my soul weep.

So when I read of the Chinese government "disciplining" a film director... it kinda upsets me. The director of Summer Palace, Ye Lou, apparently did not submit his film to the government for approval, and so he has been banned from making films for the next 5 years. His producer was also banned from making films for 5 years. The film, which I've heard is excellent, is a love story that takes place during the pro-democracy demonstrations that lead up to the 1989 massacre at Tienanmen Square. Lou states that there are autobiographical moments in the movie that he wanted to share with the rest of the world. I'm sure that Lou didn't submit his film because the censors wouldn't have allowed it to be shown at the festival. This is not a proud moment in Chinese history and one that they would like forgotten; the protests are remembered as "counterrevolutionary riots." I still remember watching TV, seeing a student confront a tank, watching the staredown. My memory quits after that moment. It was surreal.

One more incident that makes my stomach turn is the Chinese government shutting down a website that reported the killing of a villager who was trying to stop the demolition of his home. From the link above: "The Web site contained reports from overseas sites and also people's comments on the death of the villager reported to have been beaten to death by thugs after resisting government efforts to tear down his home." The government has eminent domain and can seize land at any time from anyone for any purpose. Sound familiar?

In one country alone people are denied the right to make a living or even a right to live in their own home because The Powers That Be deem they are not human enough; they aren't worth enough monetarily. It is cheaper to look after Their business than save one insignificant life. This is so very very wrong. And this does not end with China alone. This happens in the States, too.

So what do we do about it? Why are we not outraged? Why are all the talk show hosts hatefully spewing about the ills of That Other Party instead of linking up and taking on what is truly evil in the world?

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